María Elena Vega
Oil Paintings
Contemporary Art


Maria Elena Vega MD was born in Argentina, were she developed a career as a medical doctor; her specialty is in Public Health. She gradually introduced herself into the artistic world by means of painting workshop when she moved to Tampa, Florida. She is a
self-taught artist and learned from original artworks of important artist in art galleries and museums of Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, England, Argentine, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and USA.

Her artistic tendencies are toward non objective abstracted-creative style, or figurative realistic and non-realistic style. She continuously experiments with the materials she uses and explores new techniques that help her express her artistic feelings and develop her aptitudes.

Artistic statement
Maria Elena Vega when referring to her artworks she says: "I feel good when I express my fantasy on canvas and it turns to be a credible reality for the person watching it".
She adds: "the more difficult thing for me is nominate a cloth. In fact, I would like that the viewers would choose a cloth’s name based on their feelings".

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